Should I cancel my Direct Debit?

No, you don’t need to do anything. Your payment method will stay the same, and you’ll receive a new Direct Debit mandate. This will confirm that your payments will now appear on your bank statement as ‘Shell Energy’. 

Can I see my previous payments to Green Star Energy once my account has transferred to Shell Energy?

No, your Green Star Energy customer portal will remain active for six months. Please make sure you access/download any account information before then.

What will happen to the debit/credit on my Green Star Energy account?

Your first Shell Energy bill is calculated using the same meter readings used for your last Green Star Energy bill. This will include any credits or arrears carried over from that bill. 

I have continued to make payments to Green Star Energy, will these show on my Shell Energy account?

No, any payments you’ve made since you were given a Shell Energy account will appear on your Shell Energy bill, even if you’ve made a payment to Green Star Energy.

Do I need to change my standing order once my account is transferred? What details do I use?

If you pay by BACS, cash or cheque, you’ll need to change the Payee details to: 

Bank: Barclays 

Sort code: 20-00-00 

Account number: 53764680 

Payee: Shell Energy Retail Limited 

Reference: Your Shell Energy account number

How much will I pay now that I’m with Shell Energy?

The amount you pay will stay the same, and you’ll receive a new Direct Debit mandate. This will confirm that your payments will now appear on your bank statement as ‘Shell Energy’. 

When will my first Shell Energy payment be taken?

There’ll be no changes to billing dates. For a few customers, the Direct Debit payment date may be one working day later. We will let you know if this affects you.

How will this payment appear on my bank statement?

Your payments will appear on your bank statement as ‘Shell Energy’. 

How can I pay my Shell Energy bill?

We offer our customers multiple payment methods for their bills. Our customers can pay their bills via a monthly Direct Debit or a variable Direct Debit. Our customers can also pay via their bank, pay online or through our automated phone line. Please remember that if you pay by cheque or bank transfer, you’ll need to update the Payee details to Shell Energy. If you’d like more information on how to pay your bill please click here

How do I make a payment through my online Shell Energy account?

It's really easy to make a card payment using your online account. Log in to your online account from the homepage, select the ‘Bills and payments’ menu and go to ‘Make a payment’. Enter the amount you wish to pay, and your card details. Once you’ve made the payment, the online page will notify you if the payment is successful. 

Will my fixed Direct Debit payment still be taken at the same time each month?

We’ve tried to match your billing and payment dates as closely as possible to your Green Star Energy dates. However, if you’d like to change your payment date, please refer to ‘The Monthly Direct Debit’.

You are asking for my variable Direct Debit payment on a different date - why?

Your variable payment is taken 14 days after your bill has been produced.