Who should I call if I have a problem with my account or any concerns about this announcement? 

Before your account is transferred - please contact Green Star Energy via phone, email or social media as usual. 

After the transfer - the Shell Energy team will be happy to help you with any queries on your new account. 

Am I allowed more than one name on my Shell Energy account?

No, we’re currently only able to have one name on the account. All additional names can be added as authorised contacts.

I wish to amend my security details, can I do this?

You can do this through your online account, please click here for more information.

What happens if I have an outstanding complaint with Green Star Energy?

Your complaint will continue to be handled by Green Star Energy.

I have circumstances or situations of vulnerability in my household. Will I still be on the Priority Service Register?

Your vulnerability status won’t change and will be managed as appropriate. If you have circumstances or situations of vulnerability in your household and haven’t already registered on the Green Star Energy Priority Services Register, please contact Shell Energy once your account has been transferred.

What communication formats does Shell Energy provide?

Bills can be provided in braille (grades one and two), A3 and audio. We can also provide other communication in these formats when requested on an adhoc basis.

How can I contact you?

If you’d like to contact Shell Energy, you can do so in multiple ways. For more information, please click here.