Will my current fixed term agreement be honoured?

Yes, your existing tariff terms and conditions will remain the same.

I signed up for the Smarter Home tariff less than 90 days ago - will I still receive my smart bundle discount code?

Yes, you'll receive an email with your discount code once you’ve been with Green Star Energy and Shell Energy for 90 days.

I signed up for the Beat Cancer tariff less than 90 days ago - will MK Hospital still receive my donation?

Yes, MK Hospital will receive a £25/fuel donation once you’ve been with Green Star Energy and Shell Energy for 90 days.

Will I get the Warm Home Discount or any other scheme credits I am due from Green Star Energy?

Yes, Green Star Energy will still pay any qualifying Warm Home Discount customers directly.

What happens at the end of my tariff?

You’ll be notified of available tariff options 49 days before your tariff is due to end.

When can I get a 3% discount for my fuel?

When your account has been transferred across to Shell Energy, you’ll be able to register for Shell Go+ fuel rewards (3% fuel saving at Shell fuel stations).

Will I get to keep my Perks Rewards?

Yes, if you’re on a Perks plan, you’ll continue to receive Perks Rewards points. Your customer benefits will not change as long as your energy remains on supply with Shell Energy.

How do I access my Perks Rewards points?

Visit  yourperksrewards.energyearth.com to view your balance and redeem your points. 

What is the fuel mix? Will I be getting renewable energy?

Yes, Shell Energy also supplies 100% renewable electricity as standard across their tariffs. If you’re on a Green plan, your electricity is guaranteed to be 100% renewable for the term of your contract. The environment will also benefit from the tree planting and carbon offsetting we’ve invested in on your behalf. For more information on Shell Energy’s fuel mix please click here. 

I signed up for a Green plan, will you still plant trees?

Yes, two trees will be planted on your behalf, and two tonnes of carbon will still be offset on your behalf.