Will my Green Star Energy key/card work once my account is transferred?

Yes. Your key/card will still work but Shell Energy will send you a new one three days before you come onto supply. In all instances, you should use the Shell Energy key/card when topping up your prepayment meter.

What is my debt recovery rate going to be?

If you’re paying a debt balance through the prepayment meter, the recovery rate will stay the same. 

Can I top up online? 

Yes, you’ll be able to top up both online and on the new Shell Energy App.

What will happen to the debt balance on my meter?

Any debt that’s being paid off through the meter will remain, and be continually paid back at the current rate.  

What will happen to the balance on my meter?

When you receive your new Shell Energy Prepay key/card, you may have some credit left from Green Star Energy. We advise that you use this before using your new Shell Energy key/card, or the credit on your meter will be lost. On your next top up, don't forget to use your new key/card or you’ll miss out on Shell Energy's prepayment tariffs.

How can I pay if I’m a pay as you go customer?

If you have a smart meter, you can now top-up at any PayPoint outlet, or use our online app available from your app store (search: Shell Energy Top Up) or check online here. If you don’t have a smart meter, then you can continue to top-up at any PayPoint or Payzone outlet.

Can I still use my local outlet to top up?

Yes, you can top up at any of the 29,000 PayPoint locations, click here to find your nearest top up point. 

For customers with a smart meter, you can now top up easily by downloading the iOS & Android app. Just search ‘Shell Energy Top Up’ in your app store or click here to top-up online.