An Economy 7 (E7) meter has two registers and three read screens, one for day usage, one for night usage and one for Total which is your day and night usage together. An Economy 7 meter tariff offers a day rate and a cheaper, off-peak night rate.

How do I read my two-rate meter?

You should see two rows of figures on your meter. One row is for the cheaper night-rate electricity (marked ‘low’ or ‘night’), and the other is for the day rate (marked ‘normal’ or ‘day’).

To read a two-rate meter:

  • First read the low/night rate
  • Keep pressing the display test button until the normal/day reading appears
  • Write down both sets of numbers from left to right and any zeros at the beginning


When you submit your readings on your online account, the boxes will be labelled normal/day and low/night, so you’ll know exactly where to submit them.

My meter doesn’t show my readings as ‘normal/day’ or ‘low/night’

If your meter readings aren’t labelled in this way, check your new readings against previous readings online. To make sure they’re consistent, match the order of your new readings to the order of the readings from your online account.