If you’re moving today, have already moved, or will be moving within the next 30 days, the quickest and easiest way to let us know is by giving us your new details online. We will ask you to confirm:

  • Your moving out date
  • The readings from the day you left or leave the property
  • Your new address so we know where to send your final bill


If you don’t want to take us to your new home, we’ll create your final bill within 14 calendar days of closing your account. 

If there is a credit left on the account, we’ll refund this to you 10 working days after your final bill has been sent to you.

If there is a debit balance left on your account, and pay by monthly Direct Debit we’ll move your payment method to variable Direct Debit so that we can collect your final balance. If you pay on receipt of your bill, we’ll ask for your final payment, in full, as usual.