If your smart meter stops communicating readings to us, this is usually because of poor meter signal. Your meter may also be obstructed by an object, like a ladder for instance. Make sure there are no obstructions for a stronger signal. 

You can check your latest monthly bill to see if your smart meter is still sending us readings. If your meter is sending readings correctly, you'll see an 'S' next to your reading in the energy breakdown. Your meter may have stopped communicating if this shows an 'E', as this means ‘estimate’.

If we notice that your smart meter has stopped communicating, we’ll email you to let you know the next steps. The email will include information on whether we can resolve the issue remotely or if we need to arrange an engineer visit.

We'll also send you a monthly reminder to submit your reads so that you continue to be billed for your actual usage.

To submit your reading, please click here.