We’ll need to understand more about which details are incorrect, click on one of the links below to see how we can help resolve any incorrect information on your bill. 

The amount on my bill is wrong

The amount you're billed each month depends on the energy you use, the readings we've received and the tariff you're on. If you think the amount we've billed you is wrong, click here.  

The tariff on my bill is wrong

If you've recently changed your tariff but the change isn't on your latest bill don't worry, it can take up to five days for your tariff to update on your account. To see when your new tariff will appear on your bill, click here

My address is wrong

On the first page of your bill, you'll see the billing address we hold for you and the supply address. The billing address will be on the left hand side under your name. The supply address will be on the right hand side under your supply details. For more on understanding your bill, click here.

My supply details are wrong

If you can see that your address or supply details that we're billing you to are wrong, it's important to get in touch with us as soon as possible. Before you do, we'll need you to gather some information so that we can investigate. To see what information we need from you, click here