When will I get my Warm Home Discount payment? 

If you've been successful or received a letter from the Government regarding the scheme then you'll be paid by the 31 March from the supplier you were with on 5th July 2020.

I qualified for the payment last year, will I automatically qualify again this year?

No, not automatically. If you are a Core Group customer you'll receive a letter from the DWP every year to let you know your eligibility. If you do not receive a letter from the DWP then you need to apply again when our scheme opens.

When am I going to get my payment?

Your payment will typically be added as a rebate to one of your bills by 31 March. You will see it clearly marked as a minus number on your bill. If for any reason we cannot send you a bill in that month, we'll send you the payment as either a cheque or a bank transfer payment and we'll let you know.

I have a prepayment meter, how will I get my payment?

A credit will be sent directly to your meter between January and March and we'll send you a text or email to let you know. You will also see the rebate clearly on your Annual Statement.

I’m thinking of switching to Shell Energy. Can I get the payment?

You need to be a Shell Energy customer to apply for the Warm Home Discount scheme. This means that you need to switch first and then apply. You will need your Shell Energy account number for the application form. Switching can take a few weeks to complete so don’t leave it too late. Our scheme is specific to Shell Energy and paid on a first-come-first-served basis, so we cannot guarantee that you'll qualify.

Will I still get my payment if I switch to another supplier?

If you are a Core Group customer, you will receive your payment from the supplier who was supplying you with electricity on the date stated on your letter. If you apply for our Broader Group scheme, you need to be on supply with us when the payment is made. If you switch to another supplier before that time, your application for our scheme is automatically cancelled and you will need to apply afresh to your new supplier’s scheme. Please note that not all suppliers participate in this scheme.

I have already qualified for the scheme with my former supplier before I switched to you. Will you transfer my entitlement across?

No. If you are a Core Group customer you'll be paid by whoever was your supplier on the date stated on your letter. If you're not in the Core Group, you will need to apply for our scheme afresh when your switch to us is complete. We cannot guarantee that you'll qualify as our scheme may be different from your previous supplier's. You can check your likely eligibility on our website before you switch.