When will I receive the Warm Home Discount?

We can't guarantee exactly when each eligible customer will receive their payment. However, it will be on or before Thursday 31 March 2022.

How will my Warm Home Discount be paid?

For our customers with Credit meters, the main way you'll receive your payment is as a credit to your electricity account. It will appear on your electricity bill as a Warm Home Discount of £133.33, with VAT, this means an overall £140 towards your electricity costs. You’ll see it on the invoice under the heading ‘Other Charges and Credits’.

It will look like this:


Other ways you might receive your payment is through Bank transfer or Cheque.

Prepayment meter customers

Smart prepay meter

If you have a smart prepayment meter and are eligible for the scheme, the WHD of £140 will be applied to the electricity prepayment meter as a credit between January and March.

If we can’t apply the discount to the meter, we’ll issue a voucher containing a unique barcode either in the post, by email or by text. 

Standard prepay meter

We'll issue a voucher containing a unique barcode either in the post, by email or by text that you can take to the shop. All you need to do is take the unique barcode to your nearest PayPoint outlet. They will then scan the barcode and convert it to £140 of energy for your meter(s).

If we can’t pay the Warm Home Discount by the above methods, we’ll send it by BACS if we have bank details less than 12 months old, or by cheque.

Why is the Warm Home Discount scheme paid as late as March?

This is a Government-led scheme that requires lengthy checks. We’re obliged to follow the Government’s due process before we can pass on the Warm Home Discount to customers.

I'm a smart prepayment customer and I don’t want the Warm Home Discount payment to be added to my smart electricity meter. How do I get it added to my gas meter?

As long as your electricity smart meter is communicating, we’ll have to apply the credit to the electricity meter. This is because the Warm Home Discount applies to your electricity, rather than your gas, supply.
If you’re also on supply with us for gas, then once the credit has been applied to your electricity meter, contact our prepay customer team on 0330 094 5802. We can then move the whole £140, or a percentage of it, to your gas meter.