Once the application to your new supplier is accepted, they’ll start your switch from us to them. 

Before we can close your account, there are a few steps that have to happen first:

  • You’ll be asked to submit an opening reading to your new supplier
  • Your readings will be sent to us once they have been validated by Industry - this can take up to 28 days
  • Once we’ve received your final readings, we’ll close your account and produce your final bill 
  • Your final readings will have an ‘F’ next to them 
  • We’ll produce your final bill within six weeks of you leaving us


If there’s a credit balance left on your account, you won’t need to get in touch to request it. We’ll send your refund automatically within 10 working days of your final bill being sent to you.

If you made your payments to us by Direct Debit, we’ll send the refund to your bank account. If we don’t have any bank details for you, we’ll send a cheque instead.

If there’s a debit balance left on your account after your final bill, we’ll request the full amount. This is due 10 working days after the bill is produced, but you’ll find the payment due date in the top right corner of the first page of your bill. 

And that’s it; your account will be closed and you’ll continue with your new supplier.

You’ll still be able to access your online account to view bills and make payments on your account after it’s closed. Please note that when you log in, you’ll notice a pop-up box reminding you that you’re no longer a customer - simply close it to continue.