Yes, we’ve partnered with AXA Partners to bring you boiler cover and protection for your home 24/7. It only takes a few minutes to get the boiler and home emergency cover you need. Then you can relax.

You don’t even need to be an existing Shell Energy customer to apply for one of our boiler care products.

Our policies offer four levels of cover to suit your needs with excess options at £0, £50 or £99. There’s also the flexibility to manage payments in line with your budget, as you’re able to pay either in full or spread out payments with a monthly Direct Debit, all for the same price.

About AXA

AXA Partners bring over 35 years of experience in Home Emergency assistance, with an established network of local, trusted contractors. Shell Energy’s customers will benefit from the company’s excellent service record, and cover for plumbing, electrical, and heating emergencies in the home; with no call-out, labour or parts fees*.

*Policy terms and conditions apply. For further information and full policy and pricing visit: