If you are a landlord of a property, you can contact us via email at landlords@shellenergy.co.uk to inform of tenants moving in/out of a property we supply.

Here’s what we’ll need from you:

  • The date your tenants moved in/out
  • Meter reading(s) for the date they moved in/out
  • A forwarding address so we can send a final bill to the previous occupants (if applicable).
  • Your contact details
  • A signed and dated tenancy agreement 

If a tenant is moving in

We’d appreciate your tenants getting in touch with us directly. That way we can work out the tariff and payment type that will work best for them. 

If a tenant is moving out

If your tenant moves out you'll become responsible for the energy bill until a new tenant moves in. 

What if the date or read is wrong for when my tenant moved in/out?

Don’t worry, this can be changed so you're billed accurately. We require the below evidence to be sent to landlords@shellenergy.co.uk:

  • Time-stamped photo of the meter reading on the disputed date.
  • Inventory Report (Check In/Check Out Report).
  • Signed tenancy agreement clearly showing the information required to dispute.

No one is living in the property, why do I have a bill to pay?

If there is no energy used within the property, you will still be required to pay a daily standing charge. This information can be found on your bill.