To see if you could be saving money, we check two things:

Our cheapest similar tariff:

  • We look at similar types of tariff (e.g. fixed if you’re currently on a fixed)
  • We calculate the likely costs for you on that tariff
  • If by changing your payment method we can save you money, we’ll let you know

Our cheapest tariff overall:

  • Checking if you could save money by moving onto our variable tariff
  • We tell you how much you could save if you change your tariff 


To see your latest tariff options, click here.

If you choose to change your tariff, but currently on a fixed term tariff and outside of 49 days of your current tariff ending, you may have to pay an exit fee. For more information about when you're charged an exit fee, please click here.

We calculate your savings using your personal projection. This shows us how much energy you use and how much you'll be likely to use in the future. 

For more information on how we calculate your personal projection, please click here.