Does your payment date fall on a weekend or bank holiday?

If you pay by monthly or variable Direct Debit, check the payment date on your latest bill. If the date falls on a bank holiday, your payment might be taken a day or two later than normal.

Have you recently changed your Direct Debit payment date?

It might be that we didn't have enough time to update the changes as we need 5 working days.

If so, we’ll try to collect your payment on the original date and your new payment date will begin next month.

Have you set up a Direct Debit after a bill has been produced?

It takes 10 working days for a Direct Debit to be set up, your Direct Debit may not have been set up in time for the payment to be taken. If so, it's best to make a one-off payment.

Have you updated your Direct Debit bank details?

If so, it takes 10 working days for a Direct Debit to become active so you may want to make a one-off payment.

If none of the above scenarios apply, we'll need to look into this, you can get in touch with us here.