A back-bill is a catchup bill sent by your gas or electricity supplier when you’ve been incorrectly charged for energy over 12 months.  Back-bills can be for any amount, but there are industry rules in place defining when and for how far back your supplier can charge you. 

The Back-Billing Code

Since 2007, domestic energy suppliers have stopped back-billing customers for energy used more than 12 months ago if the supplier was at fault for not having sent a bill to the customer.

When does the Back-Billing code apply to me?

Each case is looked at individually, but here are some common scenarios where the Back-Billing Code might apply:

  • We failed to bill you within 12 months (and you requested bills from us)
  • We billed you using estimated meter readings instead of valid readings provided by you or a meter reader
  • We billed you incorrectly due to billing errors, and failed to act upon information available to put this right
  • We failed to do anything about an issue or complaint you have raised regarding your account or meter and subsequently allowed a large debt to build up on your account
  • We failed to reassess your Direct Debit within 12 months, or failed to reassess based on a reasonable estimate

When does the Back-Billing code not apply to me?

The Back-Billing Code may not apply, if:

  • You’ve been using the gas or electricity supply, but made no attempt to contact the supplier to arrange payment. This includes moving into a property and not letting the supplier know that you are the new tenant or homeowner
  • You wilfully avoided payment.
  • You failed to co-operate with the supplier’s attempts to obtain meter readings, or resolve queries. This includes blocking access to the property
  • Theft of gas or electricity