How will the trial work?

By signing up to this trial, you will get a smart meter installed at no cost to you, as well as either a new Geo Trio + Heating smart thermostat or a £30 Amazon voucher if selected for the trial. You’ll need to accommodate an engineer visit at home by the 31st October 2020 to have your smart meter and in-home display unit (IHD) installed.

If selected for the group taking the Geo Trio + Heating Smart Thermostat, you will have both devices installed on the same day. Your energy consumption will be evaluated from your half hourly meter readings from August 2020 to 31st May 2021.

Can I find out more information about smart meters?

We have a variety of useful videos, articles and FAQs about smart meters, how they work and the benefits of taking a smart meter on this page.

Do I need to have a smart meter installed to take part in the trial?

Yes, in order to receive your energy consumption data, you will need to have a smart installed.

Can I find out more information about the GEO Trio + Heating Smart Thermostat?

Yes, you can find out more about the Geo Trio + Heating device by clicking through to Geo’s website here. There are lots of useful articles about the Trio + Heating including videos and user guides.

When will I be contacted once I have agreed to join the trial?

If selected for the trial, you will be contacted by our meter installation partner SMS Plc within 2 weeks of completing the consent form. They will then arrange a suitable time for your smart meter appointment to take place. 

When will I receive my £30 Amazon voucher once I am part of the trial?

If you’re selected for the trial and receive the £30 Amazon voucher, you will get an email from Giftcloud to claim your voucher within 60 days following your smart meter installation.

Why is this trial being conducted?

It is important that some products and services are independently evaluated. The UK Government has appointed the research company Ipsos MORI and its approved partners to do this. Evidence from this evaluation will help to inform the development of future policy to support household energy efficiency. Part of the evaluation is to check if the Geo Trio + Heating Smart Thermostat helps you to use less energy.

To do this, Ipsos MORI needs to access data on how much energy your household uses. This data is held in your Smart Meter. If you choose to participate in the trial, Ipsos MORI will access the energy data stored on your Smart Meter using a service provided by University College London (UCL). Your Smart Meter data will be used by Ipsos MORI, its approved partners and UCL solely for the purposes of this research study.

What will happen if I take part?

▪ If you provide your consent, we will share your name, address and information about your smart meter(s) with UCL.

▪ With your consent, UCL will use this information to remotely collect data on your energy use from your smart meter (see below for how UCL does this). UCL will not need to visit your address and your energy bills will not be affected by this in any way.

▪ UCL will continue to collect your smart meter data for the duration of the trial, or until you withdraw from the trial (see below) or you move home. UCL will link your smart meter data with data from the Energy Performance Certificate for your property, if available. Energy Performance Certificate data can provide valuable information about your building and heating system to help better understand your energy use data.

▪ UCL will provide secure access to your smart meter and Energy Performance Certificate data only to the Ipsos MORI team and only for the purposes of this specific project.

▪ You might be selected and asked to provide feedback on the Geo Trio + Heating Smart Thermostat.

Do I have to take part?

Taking part in this trial is entirely voluntary – we hope lots of people do sign up as it will help us to understand whether the Geo Trio + Heating Smart Thermostat is able to support UK homes to use less energy.

What are the possible benefits of taking part?

By agreeing to take part, you will help the Geo Trio + Heating Smart Thermostat be independently evaluated. This will provide confidence and credibility to society, the UK Government and industry about which products or services are most effective at reducing household energy use. It could also help individual households to better monitor and potentially reduce their energy usage, saving them money on bills and benefiting the environment.

The Smart Energy Code and how UCL collects your smart meter data

UCL is an accredited party to the Smart Energy Code (SEC), the UK legislation that ensures safe and secure access to smart meter data. To access your smart meter data, UCL uses a technical service provided by the software company CGI. CGI are an accredited SEC Party and authorised User of the Data Communications Company that connects to the national smart meter communication network (the DCC Gateway). With your consent, UCL will be able to remotely collect your smart meter data and securely transfer it to the UK Data Archive, which securely stores and manages all smart meter data on behalf of UCL.

What data will be accessed from my smart meter?

With your consent, UCL will collect, and share with the Ipsos MORI team, the following data from your gas and/or electricity smart meter(s):

▪ Half-hourly energy use readings from today to the end of the trial period, unless you withdraw your consent earlier

▪ If you have had your smart meter for a while: half-hourly energy use readings for up to the last 12 months (or fewer if you have not had a smart meter for this long)

▪ Information about your energy tariff (how your supplier charges you for each unit of energy you use)

▪ Whether or not you have any devices like an in-home display (IHD) connected to your smart meter(s)

What data will be accessed from my Geo Trio + Heating Smart Thermostat?

With your consent, Ipsos MORI and UCL will collect the following data from your Geo Trio + Heating Smart Thermostat (if this is installed in your home):

▪ The schedules that are set for your heating;

▪ Any overrides of the schedule;

▪ The temperature and humidity set in your home; and 

▪ Details of when away mode is set.

How do I give feedback on the Geo Trio + Heating Smart Thermostat?

We would also be grateful if you grant your permission to share your contact details (name, address, email and telephone number) with Ipsos MORI. This is so that they can invite you to provide feedback on how your home uses energy and on the Geo Trio + Heating Smart Thermostat (if you are one of the households that receives it).

Over the next year, you may be invited to take part in a short telephone survey or an interview. By giving your permission to share your contact details now, you will still be under no obligation to take part at a later date. We can assure you that your details will be securely shared with, and held by, Ipsos MORI and only used for the purposes of this research.

What other energy data will you be accessing apart from smart meter data?

We may share your historical monthly meter reads data with Ipsos MORI for the purposes of this research only.

Are there any possible disadvantages of taking part?

We do not anticipate any disadvantages to you from UCL and the Ipsos MORI team accessing your smart meter data for the purposes of evaluating the trial.

Will my data ever be sold or used for commercial purposes?

No, the data accessed by UCL and the Ipsos MORI team will never be sold to third parties and will only be used for the purposes described here.

What will happen to the results of the evaluation?

The results of the evaluation will be published on the website once the trial is concluded and may also be published through reports or publications such as academic books, journals, and at conferences. Individuals and households will not be identified in any publication.

Will my taking part in this trial be kept confidential?

Your participation in the trial will be kept strictly confidential. UCL and Ipsos MORI commit to safeguarding your privacy. Read our Privacy Policy here.

How will I be notified once I’ve been selected for the trial?

If selected for the trial, you will receive a phone call from our metering team to inform you of whether you’re going to receive the Geo Trio + Heating Smart Thermostat or the £30 Amazon Voucher. They will also arrange an installation date for your smart meter.

What if I want to withdraw from the trial?

You can do this by contacting our customer services team here or calling 0330 094 5800. You do not need to give a reason to do so and can withdraw at any time. If you withdraw from the trial, all parties including Ipsos MORI and UCL will delete any identifying information held relating to you. Any usage data retained will be anonymised so that it cannot be used to identify you.

Can I control the Geo Trio + Heating Smart Thermostat from the Shell Energy App?

As this is a trial, you will need to download the Geo mobile app to control the Trio + Heating Smart Thermostat here.

Can I choose to have the voucher instead of the Geo Trio + Heating or vice versa?

To ensure the research is conducted fairly our partners at Ipsos MORI will randomly select who is chosen to receive the voucher or Geo Trio + Heating Smart Thermostat. You will not be able to move from one group into another once you have joined the trial.

How will I receive my Geo Trio + Heating Smart Thermostat?

If selected, the Geo Trio + Heating Smart Thermostat will be delivered via your engineer who will bring both your smart meter and Trio + Heating Smart Thermostat on the same day.