Your monthly Direct Debit amount is based on how much energy we think you'll use over the year and the tariff that you're currently on. This is known as a personal projection.

If your monthly payment has been increased, this means that your payment amount isn’t enough to cover your projected energy use.

We understand situations change, so we aim to assess your monthly Direct Debit every three months. We’ll also assess it when Ofgem announces a price cap change.

If we see that your energy use is higher or lower than expected, we’ll adjust your monthly payment amount accordingly. We use information you provided us during the switchover to calculate your monthly Direct Debit.

Here are some of the factors that can affect your monthly Direct Debit amount.

Not submitting regular meter readings

Regular meter readings are vital to let us know exactly how much energy you’re using. When we don’t get readings, we have to estimate your energy use. This means you could end up over or underpaying for the amount of energy you’re using. You can submit a reading in My Account.

There’s been a change in your energy use 

Have you recently bought a new appliance or electronic device for your home? New purchases like these can often be the reason for an increase in energy use. You can use our online tools to monitor your energy use in My Account in the ‘My Energy’ section.

Your tariff has changed 

Have you switched to a new tariff? If so, your standing charges and unit rates - the two parts that make up the cost of the energy you use - have probably changed too. You can view your tariff details via My Account.

You may have submitted an incorrect meter reading

You can check if the last meter reading in My Account is incorrect by seeing if it falls in line with the meter reading currently shown on your meter. Don’t worry if this isn’t right, you can delete the incorrect reading in My Account if you’ve submitted it recently.

If you can’t delete the incorrect meter reading, take a photo of your current meter reading and send it to us. We’ll remove the old one and submit the new one for you. Once this has been updated, you can update your payment amount using the Direct Debit calculator to reflect your actual energy use. You can find the calculator in My Account.

The initial energy use estimate was wrong 

The energy use information we provided in your quote when you switched to us may not have matched your current actual energy use. After your switch is complete, we're able to access the energy use history for your property. This means we can then work out exactly how much you should be paying based on how much energy you use.

Thinking of upgrading to smart meters? 

Smart meters send us your meter readings automatically, meaning you don’t have to do anything. Read more about the benefits of installing a smart meter in your home.