If you own a property that's now empty, you're responsible for any energy used and the daily standing charge. 

Your monthly Direct Debit will continue to be taken as normal. This means you'll likely build up a credit which we can refund to you when the property is transferred to your new tenants or owners. 

If you'd prefer, you can switch to a variable Direct Debit. We'll take the full amount of your bill 10 days after your bill has been sent to you. This means you only pay for the energy used at the property.

If you choose a variable Direct Debit, it's important you give us regular readings.

Click here to make changes to your Direct Debit.

If there are smart meters in the property, we'll get the reads automatically. Without readings, we'll estimate the usage based on the previous usage in the property which is likely a lot higher than what is actually used if the property is empty. 

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