If you've moved out of a property or are no longer responsible for a property, you might receive a bill in your name requesting payment.

This can be for the following reasons:

  • We haven't been told you're no longer responsible for the property and your account is still active.
    • You can tell us that you've moved out of a property online using our moving home tool.
    • We'll close your account to the date you moved or no longer responsible and rebill you for the correct amount and time period. 


  • There's an unpaid balance for the time you were responsible for the property and the account is closed.
    • The bill you've had is likely to be your final bill for the account, to the date and readings you've given.
    • You can make a payment quickly and easily through your online account. To make a payment, click here.
    • If the date or readings your bill has been created to are wrong, we can look into this for you.
    • Simply contact us here with your closing readings, the date you moved out and a proof of occupancy, or your tenancy agreement (anything to prove responsibility for this property).