Any two-rate meter we install will be off peak between midnight and 7am. But hours can vary, depending on what type of meter you have and where you live. You may even find that your off-peak hours are split into more than one time period.

To find out your off-peak hours, first check the meter – you may find the hours listed on, or next to, it. 

If you can’t find your off-peak hours on your meter, here’s how to tell when it switches to off-peak:

  • Check your meter readings. You should see when one reading stops rising and the other starts. This usually happens between 11pm and 7am 
  • Listen – you’ll hear a click when the meter switches


Off-peak hours for two-rate meters – often referred to as an Economy 7 tariff – usually fall between 11pm and 7am. 

It's also important to note that your meter hours might change when the clocks do. Depending on your meter, your rates might be an hour later during British Summer Time (BST). 

If you're still not sure, get in touch with us here

If you have a two-rate meter and would like to pay less during off-peak hours, you'll need to switch to one of our Economy 7 tariffs. You can check your current tariff by logging into your online account, or reading page two of your bill.