Why has Shell Energy purchased Post Office’s broadband and telephony business?

We’ve been offering fast, reliable broadband to thousands of customers across Britain since 2016. We were chosen by the Post Office as they had confidence that we would match their values and provide the same quality of service their customers expect.

Reducing emissions to net-zero will need smart energy systems and smarter homes. New technology like smart thermostats and, in future, home batteries will depend on a reliable internet connection.

Broadband has grown into a service as essential as home energy. That’s why we’re pleased to be able to serve more customers with renewable electricity, gas and fast, reliable broadband.

Will my prices change?

No. There’ll be no increases or changes to the prices you currently pay. You can also continue to pay the same way you prefer to now, including visiting Post Office branches. If you pay by Direct Debit, we’ll make sure that this is transferred automatically.

There may be some small changes, such as the name of your package, or how your prices, promotional offers or discounts are presented on your bill but Shell Energy will be matching your current broadband or phone package as closely as possible with no change to your package price or service as part of the move.

When will I be transferred to Shell Energy Broadband & Phone?

We’ll start transferring services in November 2021 and will be completed by early 2022.
We’ll contact you by letter or email before you’re due to be moved, and after you’ve been moved with more details.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything. Shell Energy and Post Office are working closely together to ensure no disruption to your service throughout the transfer.

Will I need a new router or phone?

No. If you’re a broadband customer, you won’t need a new router. If you’re a home phone customer, you’ll keep your current landline, phone number, call packages and call features.

Will I get a new bill?

You’ll receive your first Shell Energy bill a few weeks after your transfer.

You’ll continue to pay the same prices as you do today and we’ll include a useful guide with your first bill to break down all of its bells and whistles.

How do I pay my bills?

You’ll also be able to pay your bill in the same way you do now, which includes over the counter in over 11,500 Post Office branches or Payzone stores.

Please see our help FAQs for other ways to pay your bill.

Will my customer and technical support change?

When you transferred to Shell Energy, so did the Post Office Broadband customer team, so you can rest assured that when you contact us you’ll be speaking with someone familiar.

Need help? Browse our help articles, speak to us on Live Chat or contact us on the same number you use today

Will my broadband speeds or service be interrupted ?

Your broadband service will continue as normal and you won’t experience any interruptions or changes to broadband speed as a result of your switch to Shell Energy.

If you’re noticing any change in broadband speeds, or any other technical issues with your service, please contact us on 0330 094 5801.

Will my terms and conditions change?

Your agreement is now with Shell Energy Retail Limited, but your terms and conditions and pricing will stay the same. You'll find a copy of your terms and conditions, along with your Price List on our broadband terms page.

Simply select the section marked “Post Office” to view the documents that are relevant to you.

Do Shell Energy / Broadband share data with external Credit Reference Agencies?

Shell Energy will continue to provide payment performance data to the credit reference agencies (CRA’s including Experian and TransUnion) on a monthly basis, which may impact your credit file.

This includes sharing your personal data with the CRA, including information about your credit application, your financial history and payment performance (this includes your regular payments to us, including any missed or late payments). The information that we share with CRAs can contribute to the overall credit file that they hold about you.


For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.