Why has Shell Energy purchased Post Office’s broadband and telephony business?

We’ve been offering fast, reliable broadband to thousands of customers across Britain since 2016. We were chosen by Post Office as they had confidence that we would match their values and provide the same quality of service their customers expect.

Reducing emissions to net-zero will need smart energy systems and smarter homes. New technology like smart thermostats and, in future, home batteries will depend on a reliable internet connection.

Broadband has grown into a service as essential as home energy. That’s why we’re pleased to be able serve more customers with renewable electricity, gas and fast, reliable broadband.

Will my broadband service be interrupted?

We’ll begin transferring customers over after we’ve completed the deal. But you can rest assured that your service will continue as normal, and you’ll experience no interruptions throughout the transition.

Will my bills change? How do I pay them?

There’ll be no increases or changes to the prices you currently pay. You can also continue to pay the same way you prefer to now, including visiting Post Office branches. If you pay by Direct Debit, we’ll make sure that this is transferred automatically.

Will I need a new router?

No, your existing router will continue to operate as normal during and after the transition.

What happens next?

We’ll be in touch with more information on the next steps of the transition once the deal has completed. In the meantime, you can rest assured that your current service will continue as normal.