If you're seeing items in the 'Other charges and credits' section of your bill that you didn't expect, it's worth looking at the below questions for answers. 

Have you left us before your tariff end date?

If you've switched away to another supplier or moved home and your tariff is still within contract, an exit fee will appear in the ‘Credits and Charges’ section of your bill. Learn more about exit fees.

Has your bank returned your cheque to us?

Any cheques returned from your bank, for whatever reason, will be charged at £5 per cheque.

Did you have an engineer visit planned?

We understand there are times when missed appointments are unavoidable. However, if you don't let us know you need to cancel or move an existing appointment at least 48 hours before the engineer is due to visit, you may be charged £30. This is in line with our terms and conditions.

Was your Direct Debit returned?

If you cancel a Direct Debit or your payment is returned you'll be charged £5 for every failed Direct Debit payment.

None of the above?

Check a full list of charges that may appear on your bill.

If you believe the charge shouldn't been there or you're unsure what the charge is for, please contact us.