What is the EV Charge and Drive tariff?

We’re giving EV drivers a helping hand with an exclusive tariff that covers the cost of 2000 miles* a year.

We’ll cover the charge of 2000 miles* over a period of 12 months, with every charge powered by 100% renewable electricity.

For more information on our EV Charge and Drive tariff click here or to get a quote, click here

How do I switch to the Charge and Drive 2021 Tariff?

To switch to our EV tariff, you’ll need a SMETS2 smart meter installed in your home. Installing a smart meter is easy, and your upgrade won’t cost you anything extra.

If you already have a SMETS1 smart meter from a different supplier, we’ll check which type it is and let you know if we can support it. If we can’t, you’ll need to upgrade to our SMETS2 meter. But the good news is that this meter will be compatible with all other suppliers should you wish to switch in the future.

If you’re interested in switching to our Charge and Drive 2021 tariff, get a quote.

If you’re an existing customer, make sure you have your Shell Energy account details to hand. You’ll also need to provide the manufacturer and model of your electric vehicle.

How will I receive my free miles?

You’ll see your free EV miles credit of £6.67 added onto your monthly bill.

Why do I need a smart meter?

In order for us to give you an accurate bill, we need to know how much energy you’re using. EV drivers typically use 1500 kWh per year for home charging.

Will I be charged exit fees if I change from my current tariff?

If you change from your current tariff before the end of your fixed term, you’ll be charged an exit fee. You won’t be charged if you’re on a flexible tariff.

Who can I speak to regarding an EV chargepoint?

We have an exclusive offer with NewMotion which gives Shell Energy customers a discount off a NewMotion chargepoint. Details can be found here.

How can I contact NewMotion?

NewMotion offers 24/7 support. Their details are:

Telephone: 0203 868 1036

Email: customerservice@newmotion.com