Shell Energy has partnered with WonderBill to give you an easy way to manage your household bills.

The WonderBill app lets you see all your bills in one place. It also gives you useful features to manage your household spend, such as:

  • Personalised insights – always know how much you’ve got left to pay
  • Your actual bills with key info highlighted
  • Notifications when bills are due, or something looks different
  • Contract-end-date alerts so you won’t overpay
  • Simple ways to switch and save


Launched in May 2016, WonderBill is a UK company with offices in London and Manchester. It’s authorised and regulated by the FCA (which you can find out more about here). 

Shell and BCG Digital Ventures founded WonderBill and WonderBill is 100% owned by Shell. Shell’s interest in WonderBill is focused on exploring how digital technologies can best support its approach to helping improve consumers’ lives.

WonderBill is completely free. Download the app here.