As part of our standard business policy, we carry out full credit checks on all applications for Shell broadband packages. Experian, an independent credit agency, undertakes these on our behalf.

Credit checks are necessary to protect the general public from identity fraud and help prevent customers running up bills they can't afford to pay.

Sometimes the Experian results don't meet our criteria for a Shell broadband package. Here are some typical reasons why someone might not meet our credit criteria:

  • Unsatisfactory payment history with other services or utility providers
  • Inconsistencies with address details provided 
  • Other external factors, such county court judgments, or not being on the electoral register


Shell Energy can't access your credit score or answer questions about your credit history, so if you think the outcome is wrong, or you have questions, you'll need to get in touch with Experian.

To contact Experian about your credit history, please visit, or write to them at:

Experian Ltd
Customer Support Centre
PO BOX 9000
NG80 7WF