Our Full Fibre packages use fibre to the premises (FTTP) broadband technology.

FTTP provides seamless access to the internet by running fibre-optic cables directly from the exchange into your home or business. It bypasses the need for a copper wire, which means it can go straight into your home. A fibre cable is stronger and doesn't disintegrate over time, unlike copper.

Why choose Full Fibre?

Full Fibre is much more than just faster broadband. It uses FTTP technology to deliver fast and reliable broadband straight to your home. It helps us to prepare for whatever the future has in-store by giving your home a stronger and more reliable connection.

Currently, the UK’s average broadband speed sits at just 80Mbps. Full Fibre can boost your home’s average download speed of more than 900Mbps.

Want to know more about FTTP and if it’s available near you? Our blog can tell you more.