When we receive new information about your account, it may be necessary to rebill you to ensure we correct any inaccuracies within previous bills.

This typically happens if estimated readings have been used previously. Once we get an accurate reading, we’ll send you a new bill based on your accurate usage.

On your new bill you’ll see a credit applied under the section 'Cancelled Bills' for the reversal of the previous charges. The newly billed charges will be displayed as normal.




Doing this reversal means you won't pay for the same energy twice. It also means that your account will be up to date and reflect the new information provided, like an updated meter reading. 

Remember that the standing charges are a daily charge and won't usually be affected by this process, but you'll need to consider that any new standing charges will be added to the total charges that month. 

Any new payments will also be taken into consideration when calculating the new balance of the account.