What is a Radio Teleswitch Meter?

Radio Teleswitch Service (RTS) meters are historic multi rate meters that have an inbuilt radio. They’re controlled by a radio signal which broadcasts alongside the BBC's long wave transmission. The meters rely on radio signals to switch between peak and off-peak times. 

What’s happening to RTS meters?

In March 2024 RTS meters will lose their functionality. This is because the radio teleswitch that controls the meters will be switched off. This may affect some homes where the electrical circuits may not switch on electric heating systems once the service is turned off. It may also affect the meter's ability to record usage correctly against the peak and off peak rate.

What should I do? 

Don’t worry, we’ve already started contacting our customers with RTS meters. You’ll be contacted shortly to arrange a meter exchange.

If you’d prefer, you can book a smart meter exchange quickly and easily through your online account by clicking here

If you no longer need a multi rate meter you can get in touch to discuss your options. You can contact us here.