Should I get in touch with you?

Right now, there’s no need to contact us. During this busy time, we’d like to reserve our phone lines for those customers who need extra support or to register for additional services.

Please help us to prioritise these customers by finding the answers you need on our site. If you’ve still got questions, you can:

Should I submit a meter reading?

We’ll be in touch to let you know exactly when, but this should be on or around Sunday 5 December.

Can I choose a different supplier?

Your switch to Shell Energy should be completed soon. Once it’s done, we’ll be in touch to let you know. Ofgem recommends you don’t move supplier before your switch to us is complete. If you try to switch earlier, your request will take longer to process.

But we hope you’ll like us enough to stay. With Shell Energy, you’ll enjoy:

  • Award-winning customer service
  • An easy-to-manage online account and app
  • Access to My Energy, our tool that puts you in control of your energy usage
  • Savings on fuel, plus personalised offers, via our Shell Go+ reward scheme
  • 100% renewable electricity as standard
  • Carbon-neutral home energy with our Go Further tariff

I’ve just moved house, will this be an issue?

We’re still in the process of onboarding Green customers. In the meantime, please make a note or take a picture of your meter readings on the day you move out. Once your account is set up, we can update it with this information.

If we don’t get your email address from Green, or the address is invalid, we’ll write to you. In that case, the letter may go to your old address. If you’ve just moved, Ofgem recommends redirecting your post. The Post Office or Royal Mail can help you with that.