Should I set aside one month’s Direct Debit amount?

As your first bill period will be for nearly three months, we strongly recommend setting aside one month’s Direct Debit payment, so you can make sure your first bill is covered.

Will I lose the credit I had with Pure Planet?

No. If there was credit on your Pure Planet account, we’ll apply this to your Shell Energy account, so you won’t lose any money. However, as we’re working with administrators, this may take some time. 

I have outstanding payments with Pure Planet, what happens to that debt?

If you have any outstanding payments, you should keep paying these, or continue with any arrangement you had with Pure Planet to clear the balance. We’re working with administrators to understand our new customers’ ability to pay, so once we’ve done this, we’ll be in touch.

I left Pure Planet but am still waiting for them to repay my credit. Will Shell Energy pay this?

Yes. We’ll honour credit balances for customers who had already left Pure Planet but are still owed credit. We’ll be in touch to update you on the process.

Am I eligible to join the Shell Go+ rewards programme?

Yes. As a Shell Energy customer, you’re welcome to join the Shell Go+ rewards programme once your account is fully set up. You’ll enjoy exclusive savings on fuel at Shell service stations, as well as great offers, member benefits and surprises on us.

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