What tariff am I on?

You’re on our Flexible 6 tariff, which includes 100% renewable electricity* as standard. If you were on an off-peak or Economy 7 tariff with GOTO Energy, you’re now on an Economy 7 or off-peak version of the Flexible 6 tariff with us. 

The average price of this tariff, based on a medium-sized UK household, using Ofgem’s national average consumption, is £1,277 per year †. Remember, your actual costs may differ, depending on how much energy you use. 

This is a standard variable tariff and the cheapest we have available, given today’s wholesale costs. This tariff is protected by Ofgem’s price cap and rates are fixed until Friday 1 April, when the price cap is increasing to an average £1,971 to reflect how much suppliers have to pay for the energy we provide you with. Your tariff has no exit fees and includes 5% VAT.

Can I change my tariff? 

You’re on our cheapest available tariff, given today’s wholesale costs. We’ll let you know when any other tariffs become available. You're free to move to another energy supplier without exit fees, but we hope you’ll like it here at Shell Energy.

Can I leave without paying an exit fee?

Yes. The tariff you’re joining has no exit fees.

What if I can’t afford my energy payments?

We understand that rising energy bills are causing difficulties for many households. We’re fully invested in Ofgem’s voluntary scheme to offer extra support to customers who might struggle to pay their bills. If you’re affected, the first thing to do is contact our customer-services team so we can discuss ways to help. We’ve also created a support hub for customers who need a helping hand.