How can I apply for the Warm Home Discount Scheme?

If you've received a letter from the DWP saying you're eligible for the Warm Home Discount, then you'll still receive the payment. We're working closely with the DWP to make sure the process runs smoothly. 

If you haven't received a letter from the DWP, you'll need to apply through our Broader group scheme. You'll find information on how to apply here. Please use your Shell Energy account number to register. If you haven't received this yet, you'll need to use your GOTO Energy account number.

I’m a vulnerable customer on the Priority Service Register. Will I still be on the register once I switch to Shell Energy?

If you were on the Priority Service Register with GOTO Energy, you’ll continue to be so with Shell Energy. 

If you weren’t registered for the Priority Service Register with GOTO Energy, we’ll send you a message, which will allow you to sign up. This will also let you register for other services, such as alternate-format billing, or meter-read visits.