If you currently use Post Office email (either with a @pobroadband.co.uk or @mypostoffice.co.uk email address) then your email service will be upgraded as part of your migration to Shell Energy Broadband.

Your email address (and any additional email addresses linked to your account) will stay the same, as well as any existing emails and folders you have set-up will also be available once the upgrade has completed.

When will I be upgraded?

Your email service will be upgraded in January 2022.

You will be contacted during December 2021 with more details and what steps you may need to take in preparation of the upgrade.

Will my email address change?

No. After the upgrade is complete you can continue sending and receiving email using your @pobroadband.co.uk or @mypostoffice.co.uk email address.

What do I need to do?

If you use Webmail, there will be a new URL to access your email. If you use a computer, tablet, mobile or other device to access email, Simply access your email as normal after you have been migrated.

All active email users will be sent full details and instructions during December before they’re moved onto the new email platform.