Here’s some of what we’re doing to help our customers contribute to the 2050 net-zero goal:

Providing renewable electricity as standard

All our electricity is 100% renewable*, as standard, whichever tariff you choose. This comes from a range of UK-based generators, including:


As much as we complain about windy weather, it’s a great source of renewable electricity. 


Solar panels use photovoltaic cells to harness the power of the sun to make electricity. As if we needed another reason to love the sunshine. 


We can harness the power of moving water to generate electricity.  


Biomass is made from anything derived from organic matter. That includes crops and waste products.

Offering affordable access to smart home technology

Smart home tech, such as thermostats, lighting and plugs, are a great way to lower your energy use. At the Shell Energy shop, we offer deals on smart tech from brands such as Google, Philips, and Ring.    

Helping our customers use less energy 

You’ll find advice on how to lower your energy use – and your bills – on our blog and website. 


*Our renewable electricity is certified by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs), which means that all of the electricity you buy from us is matched with the equivalent number of units from 100% renewable sources in the UK.