The opening balance on your bill will reflect your balance with Green on Monday 27 September, when Green went into administration. If you were in debt with Green, we won’t carry this over to your Shell Energy account, so you’ll join us with a zero balance. 

If your account with Green was in credit, we’ll honour this and move it to your Shell Energy account. If you had a credit balance after receiving your final bill from Green, we’ll add this to your account. You’ll find this in the section of your bill marked ‘Previous balance’. 

We’ve used the information from your final bill from Green to calculate your first bill from us. If you made any payments to Green after receiving your final bill, they won’t yet show on your Shell Energy account. 

Rest assured, any credit that you had with Green is safe and protected by regulation. We’re working with Green’s administrators to make sure this happens as quickly as possible. We’re expecting more information in the coming weeks. Once we receive this extra information about your payments, we’ll add anything outstanding to your account. You’ll see this on your next bill.