This might be because you haven’t sent us an up-to-date meter reading. Depending on when your supply was transferred, we may not have asked you for monthly meter readings yet. If you have a traditional meter, you can send us a reading through your online account. Once we have an up-to-date reading, we’ll rebill you based on that. 

If you have a smart meter, we’re still in the process of transferring your details. Depending on what type of meter you have, and who installed it, it may not be sending us information yet. If you have a SMETS2 or secure SMETS1 smart meter, we should be able to start communicating with it soon. 

If you have another type of SMETS1 smart meter, we’re working hard to start communicating with it. Unfortunately, we can’t yet say when this will be. Until then, please send us monthly meter readings through your online account, or the app.