By now you’ll have received your first Shell Energy bill. If you have questions, you should find the answers here. 

My opening meter reading is wrong

We’ve worked out your bill using the meter readings from your final bill with Daligas. This should be your most up-to-date meter reading. 

If you disagree with your opening meter reading, we can get this changed for you. Simply call our team on 0330 094 5800 and they’ll be able to help. 

Why have I been billed to an estimated meter read?

If you have a traditional meter, we’ll ask you to provide us with monthly readings through your online account, or on our app. Depending on when your energy supply was transferred to us, we may not yet have received or processed the readings you sent. Don’t worry, when you send us another meter reading, we’ll rebill you to this reading. 

Why is my bill higher than usual? 

It’s normal to find that your first bill after moving to a new supplier is a little higher than usual. This is because it's taken time to set up your account after the move from your previous supplier. 

Your first Shell Energy bill covers the period from Monday 17 October until Saturday 26 November, which is a period of nearly six weeks. Going forward, you’ll be billed on a monthly cycle. This is normally four weeks’ worth of energy.

My opening balance is wrong/payments I’ve made to Daligas are missing

Your opening balance will reflect the credit or debit balance you had with Daligas before you were transferred to Shell Energy. We won’t transfer over any debt you had with Daligas, so you can start your supply with Shell Energy with a zero balance. 

If you were in credit with Daligas, we’ll honour this and add the balance to your Shell Energy account. You’ll see it on your bill under ‘Previous Balance’.

We’ve used data provided by Daligas’s administrators as a starting point for billing you. This means that any payments you’ve made to Daligas since we received this information won’t yet appear on your Shell Energy account.

Rest assured, any credit you have with Daligas is safe and protected by regulation. We’re working hard with Daligas’s administrator to make sure this balance is transferred to your Shell Energy account as quickly as possible.

We’re expecting to receive more information from Daligas in the next few weeks, which may contain these payments. As soon as we receive this, we’ll apply the amount to your account. You’ll see it on your next bill, together with any payments you’ve made directly to Shell Energy.

How can I pay my bill?

The easiest way to pay your bill is by monthly or variable Direct Debit. A monthly Direct Debit lets you spread the cost of your energy over 12 months, while a variable Direct Debit allows you to pay off the whole balance at once.

If you haven’t already done so, you can set up a Direct Debit in your online account.

Set up a Direct Debit

If you prefer, you can pay by cheque when you receive your bill. 

What if I was in debt with Daligas?

We’ll start your Shell Energy account with either a zero balance or credit – we won’t transfer over any debt you have. So if you have an outstanding balance with Daligas, you should continue with any payment arrangements you made with them to clear the balance. Daligas’s administrator, or a nominated partner, may be in touch with you regarding your outstanding balance.

I need extra support

We’ve created a support hub for customers who are struggling to pay their bills. This is where you’ll find details of government schemes, debt support, and more besides. 

Visit our support hub