There are a number of things you can do if you are receiving unwanted, nuisance or marketing calls.

Register with Telephone Preference Services (TPS)

The best way to stop sales and marketing calls is to register with TPS. TPS was set up in the UK and makes it illegal for any telesales nuisance callers to contact you if your number is on the TPS list. Register your number with TPS here.

Caller Display

Caller Display will let you see who's calling before you answer (as long as the number isn't withheld).

Caller Display is included free of charge for all Shell Energy Broadband customers and you’ll need a caller display enabled phone to use this service.

Anonymous Caller Reject

This feature will reject calls from anyone who withholds their number when calling you. You can apply this feature through your online account.

Important: While this service can help block nuisance calls, it could also block calls from healthcare services such as your GP or the NHS. If you need to remain in easy contact with organisations that may withhold their numbers we recommend not using this calling feature

Anonymous Caller Reject is a chargeable extra. See our Price List for details.

Choose to Refuse

This service allows you to ‘block’ specific phone numbers from calling you. The caller will be informed you are not accepting calls via a message.

Changing your number (Renumbering)

While we wouldn’t recommend changing your phone number straight away, we can do this for you if you feel like the calls aren’t going away.

In this scenario, we wouldn’t charge you to change your number in the first instance. However, if you request a new telephone number a second time, the charge would be £41.74.

You’ll find more information on dealing with unwanted calls and messages here:

Ofcom - Unwanted calls and messages