If the person calling you is hiding their number then Anonymous Call Reject will prevent the call from coming through. It won’t stop calls showing as ‘unavailable’ which could happen if the call is coming from an overseas provider.

How do I activate the service?

Once you've ordered Anonymous Call Reject you'll then have to turn on the service on your telephone keypad.

  • To turn on - Dial *227#
  • To turn off - Dial #227#
  • To check if it’s switched on/off - Dial *#227#

Withholding my number when calling someone with Anonymous Call Reject

A message will notify the blocked caller that "the person you are calling is not accepting anonymous calls. Redial without withholding your number”.

How do I contact someone with Anonymous Call Reject if I have my number withheld?

If you're prevented from calling someone because they have Anonymous Call Reject and you withheld your number on a call, then try re-dial the number without using the '141' prefix.

What calls will Anonymous Caller Reject be unable to block?

Anonymous Call Reject will not block calls where the system cannot obtain the identity of the caller and the message "Unavailable" is delivered.

This would mean that the call is coming from a network that does not support Caller Display and Call Return type services. This could be from:

  • Some non-compatible exchange types (UXD5)
  • Another network provider. For example, Mercury and some mobile networks
  • A caller using a Chargecard
  • Calls where the message "Payphone", "International", or "Operator" is delivered

Are there any potential issues with Anonymous Caller Reject?

Many public services such as the police force, the DSS, hospitals, fire brigades and public utilities will not be able to contact customers who use Anonymous Call Reject.

This is due to the configuration of their private switchboards. This problem will also affect many UK businesses. We're trying to find a solution for these problems.

If you need to remain in easy contact with organisations that may withhold their numbers we recommend not using this calling feature.

How much does this service cost?

For pricing please see our Price List.