You can add a range of calling features to get more out of your phone. Some of our more popular call features include:

Caller Display

Lets you see who's calling before you answer (as long as the number isn't withheld).

Caller Display is free of charge for all Shell Energy Broadband phone customers but you’ll need a caller display capable phone to use the service.

Learn more about Caller Display.

Voicemail (1571)

This service will play callers a standard greeting and let them leave a message.

Learn more about Voicemail (1571).

Voicemail Plus

A more advanced version of our 1571 Voicemail service, letting you record your own personal greeting, save up to 30 messages and check messages from other phones.

Learn more about Voicemail Plus.

Anonymous Caller Reject

This feature will reject calls from anyone who withholds their number when calling you. You can apply this feature through your online account.

Learn more about Anonymous Caller Reject.

Choose to Refuse

This service allows you to ‘block’ up to 10 specific phone numbers from calling you. The caller will be informed you are not accepting calls via a message.

Learn more about Choose to Refuse.

Customer Controlled Call Barring (Outbound)

This is chargeable extra that allows you to choose which destinations you want to bar yourself using your handset.

Learn more about Customer Controlled Call Barring (Outbound).

For a full list of Calling Features and pricing, please see our Price List.

You can add a call feature by using My Broadband (Choose My Packages > Review Call Feature) or by contacting us.