This service will play callers a standard greeting and let them leave a message (You can store up to 10 voicemails).

How do I listen to stored voice messages?

Simply dial 1571 from your home phone to listen to your messages.

How do I know if I have any messages?

If you have a stuttered dial tone or can hear a beep on the line, this indicates that there is a new voicemail message waiting for you.

Unable to receive any further voicemail messages?

If your voicemail limit is reached (up to 10 voicemail messages), callers will not be able to leave any new messages. Please delete any unwanted messages to free up space.

How many times will my phone ring before the caller is sent to voicemail?

Your phone will ring for 21 seconds (around 7 rings) before the caller is sent to voicemail.

Problems with Voicemail 1571?

If you’re having problems accessing 1571 voicemail, first check that you have the service activated (If the service is active you’ll be able to dial 1571 from your Home Phone and follow the prompts).

If the service is not activated, you can add it by using My Broadband (Choose My Packages > Review Call Feature) or by contacting us.

How much does this service cost?

For pricing please see our Price List. If you wish to add this to your service contact us.