Before you start, it's a good idea to test your username and password in webmail to make sure they're correct.

If you've set up your email account but it's not working, try deleting the account then adding it again. To do this, select ‘settings’, then ‘accounts’. Tap ‘your email account’, then tap ‘remove account’.

Once you've deleted it:

  1. Open ‘settings’. This is found in ‘menu’ or the ‘settings’ icon on the App List
  2. Select ‘accounts and backup’, followed by ‘accounts’, then ‘add account’
  3. Select ‘email’ from the account types then ‘other’
  4. Enter your email address and password and select ‘manual setup’
  5. Select ‘IMAP’ account
  6. Check your incoming server settings match those shown:
    Username: your email address ending with or
    IMAP server:
    Port: 995
  7. Select ‘sign in’
  8. Check your outgoing server settings match those shown:
    SMTP server:
    Port: 587
    TLS: Yes
  9. Select ‘sign in’

Your email account is now set up. You can also give your account a name and add a name to the email sender. When you're finished select ‘done’.

If you’re still having trouble setting up your email, go to the Android support site for help.