If you have lots of messages, even if they are neatly filed away in personal folders, it can be difficult to locate an old message you wish to re-read. For this reason Webmail has an automated search facility so you can find any and all messages that either contain a certain phrase, and/or were sent by a certain person.

  • Click on the Search mail link near the top of the screen. If you think you know which folder the message is in you can narrow the search by selecting the name of the folder from the drop down selection list here. If you can remember anything that was said in the message then type that string of text here.


It may be easier to type a shorter string and sift through the results visually, than to type in a longer fragment, risk getting it slightly wrong and end up with no results. For example, if you’re searching for a wedding invite just type the word "wedding" here.

  • Click on the Search button to bring up a message list containing any and all messages that matched your search requirements.