You can delete specific email messages or a complete conversation thread:

  • Right-click the message or conversation to delete, and select Delete.
  • Deleted messages are moved to your Trash folder.

How do I delete or un-delete a message in the Trash folder

The contents of the Trash folder remain there for 30 days or until you click Empty Trash, which appears when the downwards arrow next to the Trash link in the Mail Folders Menu is selected.
Until you empty the folder in this way, you can view any messages in the Trash folder, and move any messages in there to any other folder

To delete or undelete ('restore') a message in the Trash folder:

  • Click on the Trash link in the My email menu on the left
  • The list of deleted messages are displayed on the right
  • Locate the message you wish to delete or undelete
  • Click on the message and drag it into any of your ‘Inbox’ folders