To send someone a message:

  • At the top-left of the Email screen, select New Message.
  • Select the To field at the top.
    You can type the email address of the person you wish to send the message to, or search through your contacts.
    You can send the message to more than one recipient by typing in each email address separated by a comma.
  • In the Subject field, enter the subject of your message.
    When the message appears in the recipient's inbox the subject text shows immediately what the message is about.
  • Now select the large text field in the middle and type your message.
  • If you want to attach a file to your message, such as a photo or other document - select the Attach button. A window will open showing all your documents. Find the file you want, select it then select the Open button and wait for the file to upload. Once the file has been uploaded it will appear under the Attachments list at the bottom. Note, attached files must be smaller than 2MB.
  • Finally select the Send button near the top left to send your message.