To retrieve a contact from your personal address book follow this guide:

  • Email addresses can be inserted directly from your personal address book into any of the address fields in a message so you don't have to type them out by hand each time. When using the New Message form to create your message, start by clicking the To button to bring up the search form.
  • When the Address Book Search form appears you may be able to see the contact immediately, but if you have a large number of contacts you may wish to perform an automated search to find the person. Click in the Search for field and type in all or part of the name of the person you are looking for. Click the Search button and a list of contacts that correspond to your search will be displayed.
  • Select the contact you want and click To. Repeat this for every person you want the message sent to.
  • Click OK at the bottom. You’ll be returned to the Compose form and the addresses of your contacts will appear in the To field near the top.