When you view your inbox, information about the messages are listed across a number of columns. For example, here the sender, subject line and the date are listed left to right for each message.


However it is possible to customise this view by changing the order or adding/removing certain columns. 

Follow these steps to customise your inbox view:

  • Select the View dropdown in the top right of the screen.
  • From here you can change the:
    • Display to view emails By Conversation or By Messages.
    • Position of the Reading Pane to At The Bottom, On The Right or Off.
    • Email Sort By Criteria to From, Subject, Size, Date, Attachment, Flag, Priority, All/Unread.
    • Emails Group By criteria to None, Date, From, Size, Ascending, Descending.
    • Display Flags to amend the columns shown.
  • Any changes are saved at each step so when you have finished just return to the inbox and see how it looks.