If you've reached your mail quota of '10GB' then you won't be able to send or receive emails. You should be able to see the amount of Quota consumed by hovering your mouse over the horizontal bar at the top right hand corner, below your email address.

If the quota has been consumed, then you can free up space by deleting some messages and emptying the trash folder using the Webmail system..

Once the quota space is available:

  • Log in to Shell Energy Broadband Mail.
  • On the Portal page select Mail in the top navigation bar to access all your emails.
  • Select Compose.
  • Enter a correct email address in the To field and fill in the fields you need to, add any attachments.
  • Select the Send button at the bottom of the screen.
  • You'll then be redirected back to your inbox.


You can see your email has been sent by checking the Sent folder.

If you can send your emails in Shell Energy Broadband mail but not using a third party tool such as Outlook then you can check your settings in our article.