You'll know if your emails are being blocked by the recipient as they'll bounce back into your inbox with a message. This will confirm why your mail has not been received.

It's possible that the person you are trying to email has an issue on their end and the problem isn’t with your service.

There are a few things you can do to work out what may be the issue:

  • Blocked sender list: It might be a good idea to contact the person you're trying to email and make sure you’re not on their blocked sender/spam list.
  • If you keep a copy of your sent emails, check your sent items folder. If the email does not appear in sent items, check your draft folder to make sure the email was sent. If it's not here either, then the problem will most likely be with your browser.
  • Try updating to the latest version of your browser, then try again.
  • Contact the person or business you are trying to email and see if anyone else has had problems emailing them. This will tell you right away if the issue is with your email or with their email.
  • Address not found: Make sure the address you're sending to has the right spelling.
  • Email too large: If you're trying to send an email with attachment(s), remember that the size limit will vary depending on the recipient's email system. Anything over this limit won't be sent. Try sending your attachments in multiple emails, zipping the file first, or using online storage to share your files.
  • Mailbox full: If the person/organisation you're emailing has no space in their inbox, your email won't be delivered. Ask them to delete some, then try sending again.
  • Spam filters: Check the content of the email, could some of the words in the subject have caused the spam filter to block the email?